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What you Need to Know to Become a Professional Makeup Artist

If the thought of becoming a professional makeup artist has been something you’ve been thinking about, its time you took action. There are so many opportunities in the makeup arts industry, it doesn’t make any sense not to take advantage them. There are simply innumerable extensions of this career that literally open up to you once you have completed your education and training. But, knowing a little bit about makeup products, applications and lighting just isn’t enough. There are a number of skills and practical industry knowledge that are required to become an in-demand professional makeup artist, and it all pretty much comes down to the school you decide to attend.

A professional makeup school like Elegance International Professional School of Makeup (“EI”) in Hollywood, CA, is a great example of the type of makeup school whose program you will want to enroll in. Although there are some who cannot attend due to geographical limitations, the reason EI is mentioned is because they are literally the pioneers of the makeup arts industry. As the first makeup school to ever open (they made their debut in 1966), they continue to be a leader to this day in all aspects of the makeup arts, including offering a cutting-edge, frequently updated curriculum, student guidance, financial aid assistance, job placement assistance and portfolio development.

When becoming a makeup artist, you will need to be trained by your makeup school in all aspects of the makeup arts industry. This means you are not limited to beauty applications, corrective makeup and salon work. You will also be trained in other exciting disciplines, like high fashion and photographic makeup, television and HDTV makeup, beginning prosthetics, film and special effects makeup, and theatrical and live performance makeup. There is no field which is exactly like another, and you will be meticulously trained to excel artistically and professionally in any field you choose once you have completed EI’s program.

In addition to the different categories that encompass the makeup artists within the industry, you will also need to learn the some of the mechanics of the business side as well. For instance, when attending EI Professional School of Makeup’s film and special effects makeup courses, you will be trained comprehensively, gaining knowledge in that particular discipline that would include: the types of occupations and departments in the film industry that you might work in conjunction with, film set etiquette and protocol, determining job criteria, how to analyze scripts for budget analysis, building budgets, and how to hire and distribute salaries within your budget. On the other hand, the courses related to high fashion and photographic makeup might teach you more about studio etiquette and color theory; and, for theatrical makeup, you might learn more about stage set-up, lighting design, and quick-change makeup applications related to aging or other transitional character development during a live performance.

What you need to know to become a professional makeup artist is detailed and is not a simple course that can be accomplished in a couple months – but it can take as little as a year. A truly talented makeup artist knows the industry like the back of their hand, and as a result, becomes a sought-after asset that great-paying employers look to retain for long term. If you want to become an asset to the industry you are interested in, choosing a makeup school like EI will virtually guarantee your success.

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