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Tips on writing an Ebook – How To Choose Your Ebook Topic

You know you need a product of your own. You know that the easiest, fastest, and cheapest type of product to create is an ebook. What you don’t know is what the topic of your ebook should be! Relax! Figuring that out is easier than you might think.

First, you have to choose your niche. This is done by thinking about your own passions and interests. Next, research the niche by using a keyword research tool, such as that found at http://www.overture.com to find out how popular that niche is. Narrow that niche down as far as possible. For instance, instead of getting into the gardening niche, you might consider getting into the herbal gardening niche, or the indoor gardening niche. Be as specific as possible.

Once you’ve chosen your niche, you need a topic. Again, this is very easy. Start by visiting active forums in your niche. For instance, go to Google at http://www.google.com and type ‘indoor gardening discussion’ into the search box, or whatever your keyword or phrase is, followed by the word ‘discussion.’

Look through the popular topics in those forums, and you will see what people need or want to know concerning your topic. Test it out! Find a related affiliate program, set up a Google AdWords campaign and an opt-in page. Collect the first name and email address of visitors, before you send them to the merchant’s sales page, as well as the answer to a survey question. For instance, ‘what is the biggest problem you have with your indoor garden?’ or ‘what would you most like to know about indoor gardening?’

Believe it or not, your visitors will literally tell you what they want to know, based on the question you asked, and they may purchase the affiliate product, which in turn will help fund your Google AdWords/Survey testing – and you get to build an opt-in list of very qualified buyers in the process!

If these activities don’t tell you what you should be writing about, then it is a good indication that the ebook writing business may not be for you! The trick is to ask, and listen – and you will know what topic to write about for your ebook.

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