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The Rock says “Bullshit” live on ESPN – Buccigross poops himself

Dwayne The Rock Johnson was live on ESPN promoting his new kiddie movie, when that tool John Buccigross began asking him lame Twitter questions from lame Twitter users.

One stupid Buccigross reference to “smelling what the Rock is cooking” and a heavy-handed attempt by Rock to improv a recipe for Chilean Sea Bass later, and Mr. Johnson dropped the “Bullshit’ bomb on live national broadcast. Sweet.

Watching Buccigross squirm in his seat and face turn the color of a baboons ass in mating season was the best thing I’ve seen on ESPN since Joe Namath tried to make out with Suzy Kolber.

(Well, maybe not…but I needed a reference)

Anyway, dickwad Buccigross then thought the best way to distract the audience was to engage the Rock in a match of…

Thumb Wrestling?

As the kids like to say…WTF?

ESPN Sportscenter – Journalism in its truest sense.

The Rock says "Bullshit" live on ESPN - John Buccigross poops himself

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