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“The Price is Right” Model Happily Still Has Job Despite Accidental Flub

Manuela Arbelaez, one of the many lovely models on the long-running game show “The Price is Right,” recently experienced a decent bit of embarrassment following an accidental flub during one of the show’s many games, in which she accidentally revealed the winning price of a car that a contestant was playing for.

In this particular game, a contestant has three chances to guess what the price of the car is that they are attempting to win. If the contestant chooses the right price, then they win the car. During the playing of this game on the April 2nd edition of “The Price is Right,” the contestant, named Andrea, was playing for the chance to win a brand new Hyundai Sonata. Andrea began by selecting the first amount on the display of prices, which was $19,849. The price ended up being wrong when the amount was removed; however, Manuela accidentally continued on by removing the amount right underneath that – $21,960 – which ended up being the winning amount. Manuela immediately noticed her mistake and tried to cover it back up as quickly as she could, but unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

Andrea then exclaimed, “I won it!” “The Price is Right” host Drew Carey then told Andrea, “congratulations, Manuela just gave you a car! The game is over, folks!” Manuela put her face in her hands and tried to hide behind the display of prices in an attempt to conceal her obvious embarrassment, but Carey assured her that despite what had happened, everything was fine.

Manuela appeared visibly embarrassed by the accidental flub; however, Carey’s words to her ended up ringing true, because despite what took place, the good news is that Manuela happily still has her job as a model on “The Price is Right.” Following the incident, Manuela posted the following messages on her official Twitter page, obviously poking fun at herself over the mistake that she made:

“I don’t usually give expensive gifts, but when I do is a $21,960 CAR. #YoureWelcomeAndrea #WokeUpFeelingGenerous”

“Hey @Oprah now I know what it feels like to be you! Whenever you feel like giving cars away on the show let me know. @PriceIsRight”

“Most expensive gift I’ve given someone #PriceIsRight #GivingAwayCarsUpInHere #YoureWelcomeAndrea”

Manuela also tweeted that Carey “couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding” regarding the unfortunate accident. She also confirmed that she did not face any kind of trouble over what happened and that she still has her job on “The Price is Right”:

“For those of you asking: the producers and @DrewFromTV couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding. I’m not in trouble 🙂 phew!”

Manuela later told popular celebrity news and gossip website TMZ.com that she initially thought she would actually be fired from the show over the accidental flub – that is, until she was told by the show’s producers that they thought the entire situation was more funny rather than unfortunate…meaning Manuela wasn’t the ONLY person who ended up laughing about what had happened. It also shows that the producers of “The Price is Right” are just as supportive of Manuela as Drew Carey was.

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