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The Monster Cash Crash Course – Utilizing Free Advertising Methods

Re-Sell Rights

Some E-Books and Digital products come with 100% Re-Sell Rights! This means that you purchase the E-Book, then you can Re-Sell it as many times as you like to as many people as possible and keep 100% of the money! Sounds terrific right? It is. But it DOES REQUIRE Work on your part. You must advertise your products like with any other business. Luckily, on the internet there are loads of FREE advertising available. We will discuss those sources of free advertising in the next chapter. To find great products with 100% re-sell rights just search on your favorite search engine for ‘Products with Re-Sell rights’ or ‘EBooks with re-sell rights.’

These are fantastic money-makers because not only do the E-Books themselves have great, informative content, but you can also sell them to people who specifically want them to Re-Sell and make money. That’s 2 different client pools: The people who want the information -AND- people who want to make money selling EBooks.

Free Advertising

There are many forms of FREE advertising methods available on the internet. They come usually in the form of textual content, with links to a product in the text ad. Methods of FREE Advertising:

  1.         1.   Free Online Classified Ads
  2.         2.   E-Zine Articles
  3.         3.   Blogs
  4.         4.   Free Press Releases
  5.         5.   Showing up on Search Engines (through your blog, press release or E-zine article, etc.)
  6.         6.   Discussion Forums
  7.         7.   Chat Rooms (Make sure to not SPAM people and abide by the law)
  8.         8.   Free Business Cards (from www.Vistaprint.com)

Paid Advertising that’s worth doing:

  1.         1.   Google, Yahoo, MSN, Microsoft Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  2.         2.   Email Marketing
  3.         3.   Mass Mailing
  4.         4.   Flyers
  5.         5.   TV/Radio commercial
  6.         6.   Newspaper Classifieds
  7.         7.   Business Cards
  8.         8.   www.PRWeb.com offers top search engine listings with for your press release for $80. (They also offer free press releases)

One of the best ways to make serious money online is through Email Marketing. Please, do NOT go out and purchase a list of email addresses and SPAM everyone with your affiliate link. These are unsolicited emails and could get you in trouble and/or the people you email to have had their email address sold 1,000 times and have been SPAMMED like crazy and will NOT be interested in your product. They most likely won’t even have or use that email address anymore. A lot of beginners make this mistake, and pay for it.

The EXCITING truth about Email Marketing however is much better. There are lots of companies out there that offer targeted email campaigns. They send out millions of emails getting people to ‘Opt-In’ and say that they ARE interested in receiving emails about specific products. These companies don’t give you the email addresses, they email your campaign themselves, because they are reputable and people have already ‘Opted-In’ to receive emails from them therefore it is NOT SPAM. Plus, they WANT to receive offers about your product. Let’s say you want to promote a weight loss product. You find a company who has a database of ‘Opt-In’ weight loss customers who want to lose weight and receive information about weight loss. You create an email that sells your product and you include your affiliate link to the product in the email.

Let’s say you email 10 Million weight loss customers.

Out of 10 Million Emails let’s be conservative and say 2% of the people will click on your affiliate link inside your email. That’s 200,000 clicks/views to your product. Now, let’s be conservative again and say that only 2% of those 200,000 people actually buy something. That would be 4,000 purchases. With ‘Fat Loss 4 Idiots’ the most popular weight loss program on clickbank, the commission is $26.80.  LET’S DO SOME MATH!

4,000 purchases

             x   $26.80



That’s pretty good money for one Email Campaign that takes only about 1 month to complete. Starting to see the possibilities? The conversion rate for purchases has shown to be better than 2% for most of the popular clickbank items. On average, the good products sell 1:15. (1 purchase for every 15 views) which comes out to about 6.6%.

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