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The Monster Cash Crash Course – Using Clickbank.com

Clickbank.com sells digital products. As I mentioned these include E-Books on every subject, Software and membership sites. Since they are Digital products, there is no need to ever ship the product and there is NO LIMIT on how many you can sell. Since everyone who purchases one automatically receives a copy via email after purchase, just like you did when you bought this E-Book, you can sell one product ten million times! Without ever needing to invest money in the product first or order more to restock, etc.

All you have to do is advertise, drive people to the product page (with your affiliate ID in the link) and watch the money start to accumulate. You don’t even need a website, each product already has it’s own page with a sales pitch and a credit card payment system! Each sale will be credited to you and you can view your sales and clicks live by logging in to your Clickbank account. Clickbank sends out a check to it’s affiliates the 1st and 16th of every month, and they have never been late on a payment since they opened in 1998.

Many BIG name companies have affiliate programs as well. Ebay, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Macys, Delta, just to name a few! Same concept here, you sign up as an affiliate with them for free, usually through a link somewhere on the bottom of their main website that says ‘ affiliates’ or ‘affiliate program.’ You may have seen and/or wondered about that before if you ever-encountered one of those links. Once you log in to your affiliate account, you’ll be able to copy and paste (or remember) your affiliate link. You then advertise for that company or product and drive internet traffic to YOUR affiliate link. Everyone ends up at the same site (Ebay, Amazon, etc) but hidden within the URL is your affiliate code and anything they purchase, you make a commission.

The reason why I stress Clickbank as being the most important and profitable (in my opinion) affiliate program is because 1) the commissions are the highest – average commission is 75% and the average product is $50! So you are making $37.50 on almost every sale! Sometimes more, there are $225 dollar products that NET YOU $112 each sale! Now remember, you don’t have to talk to the customer, have a website, deliver the product or anything! All you need to do is drive people to the website that you are promoting, with your affiliate link.

When you are an affiliate of Ebay, Delta, Amazon, etc each has it’s own commission structure and programs. If you direct someone to a specific Ebay product, with your affiliate code in the link, if someone purchases that product from your link, you make up to 75% of the revenue that Ebay makes, NOT 75% of how much the product is. Ebay makes a % of each sale that they charge the seller of the item. Ebay is willing to pay you up to 75% of their commission if you drive the customer there. If you think about it abstractly, that’s almost as if you own Ebay, but you are charging 25% less than what they charge (because of your 75% commission).

The potential to make serious money just promoting Ebay items is great, but I like to stick to Digital Products. They are instantly downloadable and therefore you can sell UNLIMITED amounts of them and the commisions are WAY higher.

Remember, Internet users are information junkies so E-Books and Information products are in my opinion, the best products to sell.

However, it is still my duty to guide you to ALL of the best affiliate programs out there. I suggest visiting www.linkshare.com they are one of the top affiliate marketing companies around. They allow you to choose merchants that you want to promote. They deal with all of the big name companies such as Wal-Mart, Delta, Orbitz, Macys, almost anyone you can think of.

Have you ever been to a website and seen a banner ad for a major company? I’m sure you have. You might have thought to yourself, wow, this website must be serious if they have a deal with American Express, or Ford, etc.

Actually, they may very well be affiliates through linkshare.com or www.CJ.com which is another top affiliate site. You don’t have to contact them and try to negotiate a deal, it’s all automatic nowadays and anybody can do it! You basically sign up (FREE) with Linkshare or CJ.com or both. You will sign up as an ‘Affiliate’ obviously, not as a Publisher.

Once you have successfully created your affiliate account, you can scroll through companies based on categories or ‘niches.’ Under travel you would find Delta, Orbitz, Hotwire, Kayak.com, etc.

You would then apply to be an affiliate to that company and you would get a response in a few days whether or not you are accepted to promote that particular company. Reasons for not being accepted would be if you had a site with racist, pornographic, gambling or other inappropriate or illegal content. So, for linkshare you DO have to have your own website, so you can promote the companies Banner or text link. Then your job would be to drive people to your website and they would click on a banner or product and if they purchase……..you get paid!

They list their commission structures for each company on Linkshare.com once you are a member. Popular websites such as myspace.com drive so many millions of people to their site per day, and they make lots of money from having banners on their site for various and sometimes random companies.

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