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The REAL Identity of Snooki’s Baby Daddy – Confirmed!

Who is Snooki’s baby daddy?

According to unnamed, yet well-placed sources within the New Jersey socialite’s inner-circle, the father of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s unborn devil-child is not some random Italian dude/boyfriend as reported by several once-respected media outlets, but rather erstwhile Los Angeles Laker and reality TV star Mr. Lamar Odom-Kardashian.

And Khloe’s pissssed.

Mr. Kardashian and the Snookster have kept their tumultuous affair secret up until now, and word is they are now shopping a package reality show deal where Lamar is followed as he divorces his barren, childless wife and moves on to navigating the wonders of childbirth with his new pint-sized, overly tanned love.

GoDaddy.com has secured the rights to advertise inside the vaginal canal, and the birth will be broadcasted live on the E! Network, so mark your calendars, kids.

*This is just a theory – Ed.





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