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Earrings – A Fashion Statement Of The Ages


An earring is jewelry worn on the earlobe, usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole made in the earlobe. This is the piece of jewelry that is first noticed when looking at a person.  This piece of jewelry decorates the ear and adds to the femininity of …

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Pearls Of Ages And Time


Pearl is a beautiful creation of nature.  Women have a passion for pearls and they fulfill their desire to look alluring and dazzling.  Pearls are a symbol of purity and are gems found on the earth, and have a natural and lustrous appeal. A pearl is a smooth and lustrous …

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Diamonds are Forever and Eternal


Diamond is perceived as the most precious of all precious stones and is peerless.  It is a woman’s best friend and a symbol of love.  It shines and glitters and symbolizes purity and strength. In ancient times, a diamond was considered to be a sign of magic, sanctity, healing, energy, …

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Gemstones And Our Affair With Them


Gemstones are precious or semiprecious stones that are used in jewelry for adorning the body.  They are highly valuable and beautiful crystalline rocks or minerals that are cut and polished for use in jewelry. They are valuable because of their beauty, rarity, and durability and are long lasting and can …

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Diamond Rings Stands the Test of Time


A diamond ring is very popular amongst everybody, from the young to old people.   Usually people that are buying diamonds for the first time, go in for a ring.  A diamond ring adds beauty to the hands of the wearer. Most people buy diamond rings for engagements or as a …

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