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8 Important Elements for Small Business Web Sites


Key visitors to your commercial pages include web robots that crawl the internet and catalog your content. Having proper HTML source code, plus the right combination of text and graphic presentation, is just one secret to success. Proper code may mean higher robot ratings, and the “look” is equally important. …

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Using Web 2.0 to generate more website traffic


Web 2.0 technologies are taking the Internet by storm.  They have captured the hearts and minds not only of Internet Marketers, but of their target markets too. More and more people are using Web 2.0 sites to either connect to their friends and family or to create their own hobby …

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Common SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Creating an SEO can be very confusing as well as complicated. If your SEO is not created properly, you will not get recognized as much in the search engines. Avoiding some of the more common SEO mistakes can help you get noticed and possibly even get your internet marketing at …

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5 Common Types Of Business Blogs


A business blog is a site that a person can use as a live journal or to promote a business. When you are promoting a business however, you will need to do a lot of research on the topic before beginning. If you are new to blogging, as a business …

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