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How To Dye Your Pubic Hair


More recently, women have become aware about the condition of their pubic hair. From Brazilian waxes to pubic hair shaping and pubic shaving, women are starting to treat their pubic region with much more care and attention. For a lot of women, shaving their pubic region is a step too …

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Little Lifestyle Changes that Can Make a Big Difference


Dietary Changes Your body requires certain nutrients to rebuild itself.  It requires certain enzymes, vitamins and minerals to ensure that the rebuilding process is done properly. There are a few small lifestyle changes you can take immediately to improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair.  Skin repairs …

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Causes of Dandruff


CAUSES OF DANDRUFF Although the cause of dandruff is not completely understood, it is currently theorized that one of the main causes is a breakdown of the scalps natural lipid barrier, leaving it more exposed to infection by the microscopic yeast that is commonly found in the scalp.  When the …

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How To Choose Over-The-Counter Hair Care Products


Ah, the never-ending debate over professional and non-professional hair care products. In the past, this debate was resolved easily with a famous quote, “You get what you pay for.” But today, the line between professional and non-professional products has become blurry due to the emergence of inexpensive professional products and …

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