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“Steamy” espresso machine tips


So what exactly is espresso coffee?  An espresso coffee is sold at the café in a small cup and is an extremely strong cup of coffee.  Espresso is used in making café latte, cappuccino and café mocha.  Espresso is made in the espresso machine by forcing about two ounces of …

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Choosing The Right Espresso Bean For Your Palette


Espresso beans are simply coffee beans that have been pressed to make a specific type of coffee, known as espresso. Often, the beans are roasted to a darker level, giving it a more bitter flavor. This bitterness creates the flavor of espresso that many have come to love. Trying to …

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Buying Coffee Online – What to know before you buy


The Internet is an incredible resource for purchases. You can find nearly anything that you could want or need on the Internet. If you are buying coffee online, you can have multiple approaches. By combining these approaches, you can find the best coffee for your coffee needs. By looking up …

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