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Photoshop for Beginners – How to Create a Watermark and Other Stuff

Give it a few weeks, and you too can Photoshop like you work for a fashion mag!


People that create images in Photoshop, in particular Photoshop CS5, will use strokes.  They also use them with text and shapes.  Photoshop provides different variations of what strokes you can add to your image.

Using Photoshop CS3, select a file that you wish to use to implement a stroke with.  Choose the layer in which you want to use to apply the stroke.  You will find this in the Layers palette.  When it is chosen, the layer will be highlighted.

Using the right click button from your mouse, select “Blending Options”.  You will see the Layer Style dialog box.  In the same box, you will find the “Stroke” component in the Styles listing.  You will see it on the right side of the box.

If you want different stroke settings, you can make changes as follows:

  • Changing the size – move the slider to the right for a larger size; move it to the left for a smaller size.
  • Changing position – You have three choices, inside, center or outside.
  • Changing fill type – You can choose from color, gradient or pattern.

You can either choose to change the stroke’s opacity (cloudiness or dullness) or implement blend mode.  After you’ve selected what you wanted, save your settings and close the dialog box.  You will see the changes in the chosen layer of your image or photo.


How to Create A Watermark In Photoshop

You can create your own watermark to your image in a matter of minutes by using your mouse.

Select File, New and create the width and height using 250X125 px.  You will also need to have a background that is transparent.

Select the “Horizontal Type Tool”, set you color to your choosing and type in what you want your watermark image to read.

Using the Ctrl button, also press the letter “T” keys on the text and choose the rotate command.  With your mouse, go over the image and rotate it to what you want.

Select Edit, Define Pattern and give it a sample name since it is a sample and not the real thing; you’re testing this technique first to make sure it works.

If you have other images or photos that you want to do this with, open the file that you want to watermark.  Apply a new layer by pressing the Ctrl and the letter “J” keys.  Select the Edit and Fill commands.  Choose a pattern from the Custom Pattern selection box.  You can set the layer’ opacity to what you want it to be.  Save the new image with the watermark.

Creating A Shadow Effect

Create a new image in Photoshop.  As a sample, use 200 pixels and 72 pixels as the resolution.  This is for the width and the height.  After you’ve created the effect, then you can do more using different settings.  You want to make sure it comes out right, hence the reason for using 200 pixels and 72 pixels as the resolution.

Using the Horizontal Type Tool, create a text box.  The image that you are using should be blank.  This can be done by using your cursor at the upper left corner, clicking it and using the dragging method to bring it to the lower right corner.

Use 48 point font for the text and center it.  Choose a simple color and put it in the text box several times using the return key.  The word “shadow” should be typed in the text box.  Place the word in the center of the image.  Make sure it is showing up large inside of the box.  You should eventually notice a shadow behind the word.

Using the “Styles and Effects” menu, look for two drop-down menus.  The one on the left should be “layer styles” and the one on the right should be “drop shadows”.  Select one of the options for the drop shadow.  Select the “low” shadow and you will see the shadow behind the text.

You should test the shadow effect options in Photoshop using different styles.  Eventually, you will find one that suits you the best.  Also, you need to make sure that it blends in with whatever images you will be using.


The most important thing about using Photoshop overall is to make sure that you save whatever you create.  At least you’ll have examples that you can go back to later.

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