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My hopes of a Shaq Kazaam sequel dashed

ShaqWhen I read the headline that Shazam raises $32 million, I became so caught up in the moment of pure joy and excitement and failed to realize that the story referred to the technology company and not Sir Shaquille O’Neal‘s magnus opus of cinematic glory which is actually named Kazaam.

I’m not a very smart man.

If you haven’t seen the film Kazaam, please don’t bother. If you insist on renting it despite my warnings – drink heavily beforehand…and perhaps for the entire week following.

If you don’t know what Shazam is, and if this is the place that you will be learning about it for the first time – welcome to the Internet! Living in that cabin in Montana for the last 16 years must have been a lonely existence.

Here’s the skinny – Shazam’s music-recognition software lets users identify song titles by simply recording the music into their hand-held device. This can be music from a car stereo, an elevator, etc. Rockstar Games actually invented it for GTA IV as a cell phone app called “Zit.” Whatever. Rockstar doesn’t need any more money I guess.

This infusion of cash will apparently let Shazam double its staff as it makes steps to expand into the television market. Shazam’s deals with networks such as  NBC Universal and with various advertisers will allow consumers to point their cell phones to TV sets during certain shows and commercials to access special offers and additional material.

Shazam is another candidate for the batch of the new Internet IPO boom within the next 12-18 months which includes the big boys Linkedin, Pandora Music, and Facebook.

In the unprofessional opinion of Max Custard, this Shazam thing might be worth jumpin’ on once it goes public.*

Now if we can just get Kobe to release another rap album…


*In no way should you rely on Max Custard for stock market advice. Or any advice at all for that matter.

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