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Marketing Ideas for Handcrafters

Hobbyist handcrafters who became businessmen and women would often experience tough competition.   There are more and more women who are getting into the handicraft business in the comfort of their own homes.  There are different handicrafts who are becoming popular like candles, jewelry, and embroidered home-fittings.

Finding a niche in the market could be proved difficult.  There may be a lot of craft stores in the target location, product price needs to be competitive, and older craft stores already have their “captured clients.”  But even a starting handcraft business could lead their venture into success by having a solid business plan and of course, marketing and promotions.

Your target market could be overwhelming, but using available resources creatively could definitely improve your sales and make your business highly visible to future clients.  Here are some Marketing Ideas for Handcrafters.

• Use your personal network that includes friends, families, acquaintances and customers.  Make sure that they have your business card and always respond to inquiries asked by both old and new customers.   If attending any kind of occasion, always bring your business card.

• Attend and participate in different community events like fairs, shows and even auctions.  You could participate in school functions or donate an item to local activities like a fundraising event.  This would make your merchandise more visible.

• Advertise in the local newspaper or submit a press release about your participation in a local activity.  Post advertisements in different community boards in centers, schools, and other popular places. Give away flyers about your store or home business.

• Technological or online advertising is one of the greatest ideas.  There are different websites where you could start your online networking and post announcements in forums, discussion boards and chat rooms.  You could direct them to your website for further information about the items.

Having a personal website could cost you money, but if you do not have enough budget then you could check different retail and sale sites.  You could also use your blog, however, it may take a while to garner followers and website traffic.

• You could also start talking with different stores like spas, salons, boutiques, and specialty stores about product orders.  It is important to be prepared when talking to store managers and owners.  Make sure to prepare you business pitch and presentation.  If they have placed an order, make sure to check with them about customer response and comments.

Adding a personal touch to your marketing strategy could ensure that customers would be happy and satisfied.  For example, if you have a significant order, you could deliver the crafts and engage with the people who ordered the merchandise.  This would give you a chance to know the customers and the other way around.

Handcrafters could also conduct customer feedback surveys once in a while.  If you have a website, encourage customers to leave their feedbacks.  This would help you understand what other products/designs they are interested in or aspects of your service that you may need to improve.

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