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If J. Lo’s Single, Why is She Spending So Much Time With Casper Smart?

         In June 2014, gossip columns all over the world reported that Jennifer Lopez and her much younger boyfriend, Casper Smart, had finally called it quits after a much talked about two and a half year relationship. Fast forward to March 29, 2015 when Jen, 45, and Casper, 27, were spotted grabbing a bite to eat at the Griddle Café in Los Angeles. One week later, onlookers were shocked to see the duo, along with her twins, Max and Emme, at a Calabasas gas station, apparently stocking for a holiday jet skiing trip. So, are they back together or aren’t they?

Here’s the thing….according to TMZ, they never actually broke up. You read that right! Despite the June 2014 breakup announcement, J. Lo and Casper remained together. Yes, sources report they separated for a couple of weeks in the spring of 2014, but by the time the announcement was made, they were back together as a couple. Albeit, one that is strictly operating on the down low.

Why? Apparently, it was all a strategic business move that they both agreed to. Jen was in the midst of filming “The Boy Next Door” and studio bigwigs decided that the best way to create buzz about the movie was to hint around that she was hooking up with her costar, Ryan Guzman. Did it work? Maybe; the movie earned $46.5 million worldwide, but it only cost around $4 million to make. At the same time Casper was shooting “Street”, a UFC inspired movie, and studio honchos felt he would be more appealing if he were single.

It seems that J. Lo and Casper were together the entire time. If you are still a tad skeptical, consider the evidence. Photogs managed to get a picture of the two driving around together in August 2014. Granted, J. Lo tried to hide when they realized they were being watched, but it was too late. The pics had already been taken.

All was quiet for a few months, until one of Jen’s neighbors was bitten by a dog that had been staying at J. Lo’s house. Who was the biter? That would be Casper’s boxer, Bear. Although Casper was wearing his pajamas when he ran out of the house after the attack, J. Lo insisted in court that the dog was simply visiting her twins.

Another month of quiet was followed by Casper heading out to a GQ event on February 5, 2015. After leaving, he hopped in a car that was being driven by none other than J. Lo herself. Don’t worry. Photogs caught it all on camera, so there couldn’t be any doubts. A couple of weeks later, the couple hit up the House of Blues for a Big Sean concert. Since then, they have been spotted kissing at the American Idol studio, as well as hanging out at an after party for the Kid’s Choice Awards and the “Home” premiere.

So, what does J. Lo have to say about her relationship with Casper? Well, she insists they are simply “very good friends” and that she is happily single. Are they together? The question may actually be: where they ever apart?

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