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How to Tell if an Egg is Fresh

eggsEating a bad egg can be very debilitating and for some people it can turn deadly. You should never eat anything that is questionable, whether it’s raw or cooked. A potential source of food poisoning are eggs that have gone bad. This is how to tell if an egg is still fresh.

First, look for a rough matte shell as this is an indication of its freshness. The smoother and shinier the shell – the older the egg is.

You can also fill a bowl or glass with cold water and place the egg in. If the egg sits at the bottom, then it’s very fresh. However, if the egg floats to the surface, it has gone bad and should be thrown out.

Another way to be sure of an eggs’ freshness is to look for a prominent outstanding yolk with a thick white.

Spots of blood do not mean that the egg is fertilized or has gone bad, it’s simply a ruptured blood vessel that occurred during egg formation and is actually an indication of freshness. Since blood spots are diluted as the egg ages, their presence actually means you have a fresh egg.

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