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How to Become a Golf Escort – Get Paid to Golf!


You may be wondering why anyone would go to such lengths as to pay someone else to play a game or two of golf every day. That is very easy to answer. Below I have listed the most common reasons why these companies will pay you to play golf for them.


  1. Since so many business people’s time is very valuable, they simply can’t spend the time in the day that is needed to entertain their clients with golf games. This is a very common practice today and is also a great way for the businesses to ensure that their clients are happy while still having the free time they need to conduct every day business in the office.


  1. Many business people hire golf escorts because they just don’t know how to play golf themselves. This is another time when you can capitalize from it. Many of the executives that can’t play the game do not want to be embarrassed and therefore will simply outsource instead.


  1. The other reason why they are willing to pay for your golfing services is because although the executive might know how to play golf and may even have the time for it, they may simply just not be very good at it. That may leave their client feeling bored during the game and therefore take away from the fun for them.


These things having been said, you may have a better idea as to why companies are willing to pay someone like you to play the game for them. You can make a pretty penny from this. But now you may be wondering just how to go about it. The next section will tell you just that.



It takes some effort to become a professional golf escort. This is the section where you will learn how to do it. You can get started as a professional golf escort in a few simple and easy steps. Let’s look at those now!


Step #1

First of all, you will want to compile a list of all of the golf courses in and around your area. You will want to have at least four or so courses on your list of steady courses. You will want to visit all of these courses so that you can get familiar with them.


You want to get to know the greens and the roughs like the back of your hand if you really want to be successful. You also want to have experience on both private and public courses, as not all clients will want to play in a private golfing club.


You will also want to have a quick list ready that explains the fees for playing; the phone number to get tee times; and the number to register your tee times etc. these will have to be handy regularly and easily.


Finally for this step you will want to ensure that you have the club’s address and directions to the site by map to offer to the companies and their clients.


Step # 2

This step is longer as it pertains specifically to playing at the private clubs. For this type of playing you will need the club’s permission to play golf as an escort and the process is easier than you might think. You have to remember that as an escort you are acting as an entertainer for your clients.


You can start by talking to the managers of the clubs. This is the fun part actually. You will need to be a bit of a sales person. You will be telling the managers of these clubs that you are hoping to get permission to entertain influential people at their clubs.


You will also want to let them know that these people will also be wealthy and will be spending their money at these clubs as well as the fact that they may be purchasing memberships there as well. You will want to tell them that these people that you will entertain will be those who are likely to get those memberships.


This will appeal to sense of greed and a need to bring in as much money as possible to the club. Most of these managers will allow it and some will even grant you discount fees as an extra incentive for you. If they still need more information, you can list out these benefits to allowing you to entertain on the course, which are:


  • You can help to increase their revenue by bringing in new golfers that would normally not play at their club and that you will be playing dead hours of the day like early afternoons when most of the club’s players are unavailable due to work etc.


  • Stress to them how they will make more money by the extra sales that you will bring in through their pro shops, such as: equipment, food and beverages etc. you will also want to tell them that you and the other players will also want to visit the club house for drinks and relaxation time after playing.


  • Since so many clubs have houses on and around their clubs, you can express that in your effort to bring in these wealthy clients, they may be able to sell some of these places with thanks to you introducing your guests to the managers


  • Remind them that they may be able to sell complete memberships to these new high end customers who will likely bring in more of their friends through word of mouth. The benefits are endless.


Step #3

You now should have a few golf courses or clubs under your belt and now you will need to locate your market for your services. You will want to target high end businesses that sell big ticket items. This is where you will find your wealthy clientele. Some of these high end businesses that you will be targeting are in the following fields:


-      Attorneys

-      Doctors

-      Construction

-      Car dealerships

-      Accounting firms

-      Gaming industry (casinos)

-      Insurance

-      Engineering

-      Telecommunications

-      Computers

-      Waste management

-      Advertising Agencies


These are the types of businesses that you will want to talk to as they have the wealthy clients and the money to pay you. You can find these companies in your yellow pages or online.


These are the four major steps that you will need in order to get yourself started. Once you have completed these, you will be ready to tackle the more difficult stuff. We will begin that area in the next section which will help you market your skills around town.

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