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Gina Gershon’s Long Gorgeous Hairstyles

Gina GershonGina L. Gershon is an American film and television actress, known for her roles in the films Cocktail (1988), Showgirls (1995), Bound (1996), and Face/Off (1997). If Gina Gershon looks exotic, it is due to her lineage that combines French, Dutch and Russian heritages. What sets Gina Gershon apart is her lips. She can twist and turn those strawberry kissers into positions that make grown men’s knees buckle. Part of her sex appeal can also be attributed to her bad girl image that we theorize is a result of her large eyebrows and beautiful long flowing hair. The key to beautiful long hairstyles is taking care of the tresses all the way to the ends. This starts with healthy long hair to start and using proper hair care regimen to keep the locks hydrated and clean. Because it is harder for the hair’s natural oils and nutrients to reach the ends of longer locks, long hair is harder to keep strong, shiny, and beautiful. The key is to use hair care products that hydrate the whole hair and protect the ends. Choosing a good conditioner can be a key target for long, healthy hair.

Another tip is to be careful when styling because adding too much heat or a styling product can really damage the ends and tips of longer tresses. Using a heat protective spray can help protect these problem areas. Sometimes it is necessary to trim longer hair to create a healthier appearance. With proper hair management, care, and even some luck, anyone can have beautiful long hairstyles like the stars. Long hairstyles do not have to be very wavy but can appear sleeker with a naturally wavy look. The importance is long, healthy looking tresses. The next example is a very beautiful hairstyle present on Rachel Bilson. Rachel has long, dark longs that seem soft like silk. A good way to get this type of hair is using good shampoo and conditioner as well as a shine spray to finish off after styling. The tresses are tousled to add a natural wavy appearance and the shorter lengths frame the facial area. A very simple yet extremely beautiful long hairstyle that many women will love.

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