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EI, School of Professional Makeup is the Industry Leader

EI, School of Professional Makeup was founded in 1966 in Hollywood, California and is the world’s first school of makeup. This school strives to teach its students not only the fundamentals of makeup but also the most up-to-date new makeup techniques to keep the students at the top of their game. Of all makeup schools, EI, School of Professional Makeup sets its standards exceptionally high and it shows in the talents of the graduates. This school features beauty makeup, movie and television makeup, special effects makeup, stage production makeup, photographic makeup and prosthetics.

Each makeup program is taught from the fundamentals through advanced techniques, giving the students a complete skill set, enabling them to accomplish and perfect any type of makeup application known to the industry, at any level. Each specialty is taught in six courses to give the student a complete education in makeup application. Not only that but the school offers workshops to its graduates to keep them up to date on the newest techniques and offers student services to help students find employment in their chosen field.

There are a lot of makeup schools out there but much of the time those schools teach only the basics, which is just about enough to get the student interested in learning much more. Those schools don’t give the students the absolute best education they can get and many graduates have trouble finding jobs in the makeup industry after they graduate. This is not the case with EI, School of Professional Makeup, where the students are given a complete education and are even offered workshops after graduation. Beauty schools alone do not teach the specialized makeup techniques that EI offers its students, nor do they provide the follow up education that EI offers to help students and graduates have everything it takes to become successful in the industry.

All of the instructors at EI, School of Professional Makeup are professionals in the makeup industry, are currently working in that industry and each one teaches a different category of makeup instruction. These instructors give hands-on instruction in the classroom so the students learn by doing rather than just by memorization. This gives them the ease of performance that can only come with years of hands-on practice. Not only that, but this school goes beyond classroom studies and workshops to provide students with one-on-one training to help students get the most out of their education.

EI, School of Professional Makeup graduates often go on to have momentous careers in the film or television industries, or find themselves great jobs as beauty technicians for photography studios, the fashion modeling industry, and many others. These graduates are fully equipped for whatever job they have in mind and are given the best possible help to land that job once they graduate and get certified. Many of the school’s after-graduate programs are free and available to former students to keep their skills sharp and up-to-date. This in itself is unusual fora makeup school because EI, School of Professional Makeup really cares about its students and their future careers. 

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