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Easy Articles – Article Marketing to Make More Money Pt. 3

Monetizing your Articles

There are a few easy ways to monetize articles.  I don’t recommend linking straight to an affiliate link.  In article marketing, there are actually a few reasons for this.

  1. If the product changes or is taken down, you lose all of that traffic.
  2. You can’t control the traffic.  If you link to another page first, you can pre-sell it to increase conversions.
  3. You lose that traffic forever, and they may not even buy.  It’s better to get them to opt in to your email list before sending them to an affiliate link, or at least get them to your website or blog so they can bookmark or subscribe to RSS!

I would advise linking to a squeeze page and getting opt-in subscribers, but you may not want to do this.  At the very least, redirect to the affiliate ink with a domain.  That way, if the affiliate program changes, you can just redirect that domain to a different program and you won’t lose all of that traffic.

Get More Traffic

It’s always beneficial to get more traffic to your articles.  There is a quick and easy way to do this.  Just use social bookmarking to bookmark each article.  This will sometimes give you a boost of traffic straight from the bookmarking sites, but it will also give your article backlinks.

This can help it rise to the top of the search engines, even if you’re competing against other article marketers for the same keywords.  Most people won’t do this, so yours will have backlinks and theirs won’t!

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