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Easy Articles – Article Marketing to Make More Money Pt. 2

The Perfect Article Length

Your articles should never be longer than about 300-350 words.  This is enough to get your article accepted, but you don’t want to go over this length.

For one thing, it takes longer to write an article that is longer than 300 words.  This is the most obvious reason to keep articles shorter.  After all, article marketing is about volume.  You need to have a lot of articles to make really good money.

But there are a couple of other reasons, too:

  1. People prefer short, quick articles these days.  They just don’t have time to read longer articles.
  2. The longer the article, the more information the reader will get.  If you give them all the information they need, they will have no need to visit the link in your resource box!

Write Great Articles Quickly

Writing articles quickly is critical, because the more articles you get out there, the more money you will make.  The faster you can write them, the more you can get out there in a day.

I always start by creating a quick outline based on my article title/subject.  Let’s say I’m writing an article on “5 Easy Ways to Choose the Best Golf Clubs”.

I would make a list of 5 quick tips, like this:

  1. Figure out the type of material you want your clubs to be made of.
  2. Decide on a price range.
  3. Choose a brand you really love.
  4. Check the reviews in magazines or online.
  5. Ask friends for their recommendations.

Then I go through my list of 5 tips and just flesh it out paragraph by paragraph.  I add a few sentences to each tip to make each one a complete paragraph, and in just 5-10 minutes, I have a 300 word article ready to submit!

The Perfect Resource Box

The resource box is very, very important.  Most people have no clue how to write a decent resource box, so they don’t get many clicks from the people who read their articles.

In order to get people to click the links in your resource box, you have to do one of two things:

  1. You have to make them curious.
  2. You have to offer them a bribe.

It’s much easier to bribe readers to click than it is to think of ways to make them curious.  Curiosity is usually more effective than a bribe, but it takes so much time to think of ways to make them curious that it’s usually better to just bribe them.

Some ways to bribe your readers include:

  • Offering a free report. (This can also get you opt-in email subscribers!)
  • Offering the next article in a series on the same topic.
  • Offering more advanced tips and information on the topic.
  • Offering discounts or coupons.

Whatever you do, do NOT make your resource box about yourself unless you have outstanding qualifications in your field.  If you are a dermatologist, it’s find to mention that in your resource box if you’re writing skin care articles.  But don’t waste space and mention this if you’re writing articles about golf or dog training!

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