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Don’t forget to pack your snow boots, Khloe

khloe-kardashian-lamar-odomI am now convinced that the only guy responsible for Lamar Odom remaining a Laker for the past seven seasons is Phil Jackson.

No sooner than when Phil limped over to his special-made geriatric Harley and rode off into the proverbial Montana sunset did the Odom trade rumors being swirling like a foul-smelling cesspool of innuendo and misinformation.

Lamar Odom is coming off the best season of his career, reeling in a 6th Man award for his work, and will probably be shipped to a career-killing, basketball graveyard like Minnesota.

The Lakers are looking to get younger, and they’re certainly looking to save some cash. From that perspective, not such a bad move to move Lamar now while he has max value.

From a PR perspective, trading Odom would not be popular among Laker fans, but we’re talking about a team that has never bowed to pressure, be it from fans or the media. This franchise has traded fan favorites from Norm Nixon to Shaq and has always ended up being able to say “we told you so.”

The Lakers are so bullet-proof in LA, Frank McCourt couldn’t screw up their PR.

With that being said, the Lakers could be moving towards another visit to the “Cedric Ceballos Years” or perhaps the always popular “Nick Van Exel Era” with their mounting age and all kinds of salary-cap issues.

The real question is – will the Lakers receive maximum value for Odom, perhaps the biggest enigma in the NBA – but also the most versatile big man in the game, a 6th man of the year, and a real tough guy – No games missed the last two seasons and only 9 games missed for the last 4 seasons.

My feeling is that Lamar will be under-valued as always, with the Lakers losing much more in Odom than comes back in return.

And if the Lakers are just looking to save some money, they should remember that they’ll only have to pay Mr. Kardashian for 50 games max next season. Yay Lockout!

Vic the Brick Jacobs is now officially on suicide watch. Pray for his soul.

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