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Celebrity Makeup Tips

Celebrity Makeup Tips

Wondering how celebrities manage to always look gorgeous? Check out these celebrity makeup tips to help you get the look too.


Kim Kardashian is a great example that a clean, nude look can be just as glamorous as a bold colorful one. First apply a primer to your eyelids to help staying power, and then use two different shades of concealer on them instead of eye shadow. Apply concealer that is at two shades lighter than your skin color over your entire eyelid; from the lashes to the brow. Next, apply concealer two shades darker than your skin color in the crease. Use a wedge sponge to blend the shades together and dust with face powder to set it. Smudge medium brown eyeliner on your upper lids, curl your eyelashes, and finish with several coats of rich black mascara. Sweep pale peach blush on cheeks, and then use a liner the same shade as your natural lips to define their shape. Top off your pout with the palest peach or pink gloss.

Keira Knightly takes the natural approach when it comes to makeup, and for a fresh, everyday look, usually less means more. Start with an ultra-lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin. Next, apply medium matte brown eye-shadow on eyelids and blend outward. Then, use dark brown eyeliner pencil on upper and lower lids, including the inner rim of your lower lash line. Add one or coats of lash lengthening mascara in brown, a touch of pink blush, and a clear gloss in rose to your lips.

Demi Lovato is becoming more and more of a fashion icon all the time with her fabulous hair and captivating smile. She prefers to keep her look soft, but with a hint of a wild side, as if she’s up for anything that comes her way. Start with a pair of uber-sexy false eyelashes to increase your flirting power, and then sweep smoky charcoal gray eye shadow on from lashes to crease. Blend shadow outward to soften, lightly smudge lower lash line with a dark gray or smoky plum and apply black brown mascara. Pull the look together with a sheer berry colored gloss over matching lip liner for that hint of daredevil.

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