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The REAL Identity of Snooki’s Baby Daddy – Confirmed!


Who is Snooki’s baby daddy? According to unnamed, yet well-placed sources within the New Jersey socialite’s inner-circle, the father of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s unborn devil-child is not some random Italian dude/boyfriend as reported by several once-respected media outlets, but rather erstwhile Los Angeles Laker and reality TV star Mr. Lamar …

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Three New TV Commercials I Can’t Stand

An old tube television exploding from a sledge hammer blow

There are three new TV commercials airing right now that bite my ass so badly that I’m willing to spend a Sunday night sitting here and lamenting their crappiness to a non-existent audience that probably has less important things to do than read my hackneyed dribble. Never stopped me before. …

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The F-You of the Week – Jay-Z and Beyoncé


Nothing makes me want to assassinate the entirety of the Entertainment Industry (figuratively, of course) more than a story about celebrities with massive senses of entitlement, throwing around obscene amounts of cash and shitting on the poor peons (i.e. people like you and me) who have the misfortune of running …

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