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At EI, Glamor And Excitement Are Just Part Of The job!

Actors, Actresses, and Celebrities look like ordinary people if your see them without their makeup on. So, is it the star or the makeup artist behind the star that makes them great? At EI, School of Professional Makeup, we like to think it takes both, the talent of the actress and the skill of her makeup artist both contributing to fame and stardom. At El, we train those who become the star makers who take an ordinary face and create a persona that goes all the way to the top in Stage, Screen, and TV, as well as those in Entertainment, Business, and Political arenas.

You too can become a makeup artist to the rich and powerful here at EI, School of Professional Makeup.

Who are we?
EI, School of Professional Makeup, founded in 1966 in the heart of Hollywood California.

We are first ever school of makeup
We are Still the Best!
We are the Innovators in the education and training of professional makeup artists
We Set the standards for fashion, film and TV
We are continually setting the bar higher and higher in this highly competitive field
Our graduates “Beat the Rest” and are the most sought after in the business now and always.

Why are we the Best?
We are #1 because we are always changing and evolving with show business and what’s in fashion and trending now, to you we give the finest education around and our Advisory Board is made up from Top professionals who are leaders in the makeup Industry. We offer you a means to start a career that can provide a steady income to support you and your family.http://www.ei.edu/program/

Opportunities for advancement and travel are just some of the rewards for graduates of our school. These are just some of the reasons why those who what to change their lives around come to LA and “\the EI, School of Professional Makeup.

Why you should consider learning with us
We are concerned first and foremost with your success. Which is why assisting you in qualifying for financial aid is a number one priority with us.http://www.ei.edu/admissions/financial-aid-and-scholarships/

We are accredited and accepted under many scholarship programs. With our flexible class scheduling, you can even attend weekends and night to work around you life’s obligations and your personal work, other educational responsibilities and family situation.http://www.ei.edu/admissions/tuitition-and-fees/

After your graduation out job placement will assure you an opportunity to work with the best in the Makeup Industry as well as assist you in creating a winning portfolio to showcase your skill and talents for all to see.http://www.ei.edu/alumni-success/

So, what are you waiting for come visit us athttp://www.ei.edu/here you can see all that we offer. If your are tired of the same boring job you have now and want to trade in for a life filled with glamour and excitement. After one look and our programs and its benefits, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the change sooner.

Working 9-5 in an office is a boring life, with the Makeup Industry you could be in L.A. on Monday and Mote Carlo on Wednesday, in the fast-paced life of a Hollywood Makeup Artist. Today is the day to make a change in your life. If its excitement and glamour that you crave, come to the EI, School of Professional Makeup where success is waiting for you.

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